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About Us



The Sawfish® team has over 100 years of product development experience in the medical field. Our products have yielded billions of dollars in revenue by providing doctors and surgeons better tools to help their patients. We now look to do the same for builders, whether in your own home, a commercial or residential development, or even a skyscraper.

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Roots In Orthopedics - Medical Carpentry

The founder previously designed one of the first total knee systems and Bo Jackson's custom artificial hip!

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Have Questions?

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How far into the development phase is Sawfish?
    As of January 2024, our prototypes are in the late stage of engineering and early stage of manufacturing.
  • What if I want my money back?
    Not a problem, please email us at to get a refund.
  • How do pre-orders work?
    When you place an order with us, you pay now and trust that we will deliver the product at a future date. The founding team has shipped millions of dollars worth of non-Sawfish™ products globally in the last few years alone.
  • Why would I use a Sawfish™?
    Sawfish™ is ideal for precise cuts and finishing work. For example, HVAC technicians must make cuts but it’s not their area of competence, so they typically remind the contractor that "they aren't carpenters." With Sawfish™, they can quickly make precise cuts that don't need to be cleaned up by another professional. Sawfish™ is excellent for cutting clean holes into drywall for installing electrical boxes and switches.
  • Can I attach Sawfish™ to my existing electric drill?
    Yes, Sawfish™’s universal design allows it to easily attach to any standard electric drill, whether battery or cord operated.
  • What can I cut with this saw?
    Sawfish™ is ideal for cutting drywall, PVC, plastics, all species of wood, crafts, and more. If you are looking to shave off thin slices of material or make notches, Sawfish™ is a great solution.
  • How do I sharpen the blades?
    You don’t! Sawfish™ steel blades are disposable, ensuring the sharpest cuts every time.
  • How is Sawfish™ different from other mini chainsaws on the market?
    Sawfish™ is NOT a cheap gimmick - it is a precision cutting instrument that is more scalpel than old-school chainsaw. Traditional chain-link saws rip through material leaving rough, jagged edges. Sawfish™ was developed for orthopedic surgeons to make precision cuts during knee replacement surgery. It is designed to meet the highest standards of the medical industry. Sawfish™ can turn any electric drill into a precision saw, that uses a disposable, low-cost, replacement cartridge.
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